Goodbye old year

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“Some people believe in fate, others don’t. I do, and I don’t. It may seem at times as if invisible fingers move us about like puppets on strings. But for sure, we are not born to be dragged along. We can grab the strings ourselves and adjust our course at every crossroad, or take off at any little trail into the unknown.” (Thor Heyerdahl)

Aventureiro Beach, Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aventureiro Beach, Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This short paragraph that opens this post sums up a bit of how 2013 has been for me. I think destiny/fate/karma or whatever you wanna call it, brought me a lot of good experiences, but I also grabbed the strings and took control to make the things I wanted to do. 2013 is about to end and it’s been a great year for me. I’ve learnt so many things, done so many others, and I think I grew more as a person than in any other year. 2013 will always have a special place in my heart.

It started in a cold Dublin (Ireland), even though I was pretty happy with my English skills improvement, I was generally unhappy, as I was missing my close friends, my family and my country. I was working in a shitty place surrounded by some great people and then I started working in two places, both as a kitchen porter. I was always tired. But I had made good friends in Dublin and they helped me through this period. Then I quit. And I travelled. I travelled throughout 29 cities in 12 countries. Got lifts from 30 different drivers , hitchhiking in 7 out of these 12 countries. I then slept in 14 different houses through Couchsurfing. I also slept in the streets and in train stations (I wasn’t waiting for my train though). I changed a bus ticket to spend more time with a good friend rather than staying longer in Paris (a city I hadn’t been to yet). I later fell in love with this friend. I moved back to Brazil. A dream became true when I finished hiking with my best friend around Ilha Grande in Rio de Janeiro, after 8 days sleeping in a tent and taking only one hot shower throughout the whole trip. I declined a good job offer in an office and started working as a software developer from home. I moved in a new apartment. I made new friends. Close friends. Then I didn’t have too much work. I started teaching English and Portuguese. I worked in a student fair. I created this blog. And I was missing someone badly. I moved to Lyon (France), initially only for a month. I got to know better someone I already liked a lot, and it was incredible. I decided to stay another month. We travelled to beautiful places, we ate good food, we met lovely people, we were adventurous, we laughed a lot and it was amazing. I learnt a lot about a country I only knew by its famous stereotypes. I fell in love with this country too. And then I moved back to Brazil, not because I wanted, but because I had to. It’s always good to be back to your family and friends and I’m happy to be around then. However I am sad for being so far from someone I love.

2013.12.31 - Goodbye old year_2

Now it’s time to grab the strings and take off at this new trail. I’m proud of the things I’ve done this year and I can only wish I can keep doing the things that make me proud of myself in 2014 too.

I wish y’all a happy new year!


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye old year

  1. Leaving, ah. I can feel you when you wrote that you miss someone so bad. I believe that the value of things can never be measured by the amount of time spent together but by the intensity in which they occur.

    I hope you are still so close. Yes. I wish that. 🙂

    • It took me sometime to realize that, I spent most of my life believing time would beat intensity. 😛
      Thank you very much, we’re still close indeed, and in one month time we’re gonna be even closer. I’m moving to France (:

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