Hitchhiking in Ireland: from Glendalough to Waterford – Part 3/3

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Didn’t you read first and second part yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

Graiguenamanagh, there I was, wondering how many Irish people I know would had ever been to that charming small city.
It was starting to get colder and colder and I really wanted to get to Waterford as soon as possible. So I walked to a roundabout and putted my sign on. After 10 minutes waiting for a car, two guys stopped and offered me a drive to New Ross. An Irish and an Indian guy, both really nice. I was talking to the Irish guy who had lived in Dublin, quite close from where I lived in Terenure, when the Indian guy asked me if I wanted to listen to some Indian music. “Of course”, I said. And then I thought I would get deft in that lift. Seriously, music was great, but I’ve never listened to such a loud music. I thought my eardrum were going to explode and then he stopped to drop off the Irish guy in a shop and lowered down the music. Thanks god! I couldn’t handle that any longer.

New Ross' city centre

New Ross’ city centre

He asked me to jump to the first seat and I asked if we could talk a bit. So he told me that actually he was from Pakistan and had been living in Ireland for about 6 years. Also said that he loved Ireland, and couldn’t think about going back to Pakistan, that he enjoys drinking Guinness and that he would go to jail if he did something like that back in his country. He kindly offered me an Indian cigarette, which was pretty strong, and we were off to New Ross.

Square in New Ross

Square in New Ross

New Ross and finally Waterford

The rest of the drive was short but nice, and I really enjoyed talking to him. He dropped me off in the city centre and told me that once I crossed the bridge it would be very easy to get a lift to Waterford as it is the next city. I was a bit hungry and decided to walk a little bit around the small city centre, trying to find a place to eat. After a short walk I thought it would be smarter to try to get as soon as possible to Waterford, and once there I would have plenty of time to decide where and what to eat.
So I crossed the bridge and hoped for the best.

While crossing a bridge in New Ross

While crossing a bridge in New Ross

No more than 10 minutes later a car stopped. Really funny Irish guy told me that he had just had lunch and asked me not to mind his bad breath. It was a short lift and we went all the way making fun comparing Brazil with Ireland, from its size, to population, traffic jams, and so on. He said he couldn’t drive me to Waterford otherwise he would get a terrible traffic jam on his way back. I asked how long he would stay in the traffic jam. “Ahhh, about 15 minutes.”, he said. I told him that in São Paulo people are used to waiting more than hours on traffic jams, so that 15 minutes wouldn’t be that bad. We both laughed our asses off and he dropped off where I could already see Waterford. It took me 20 minutes walking to finally get there.

I spent a whole day to get from Glendalough to Waterford (by bus it’d take not more than 2 hours) but I was very happy anyway. I met nice people on my way, people who helped not only driving me to the places I needed to go, but also by sharing their experiences, their stories, their life even if just for a short period of time. The feeling was incredible and I regarded myself four good beers and a delicious pasta cooked by myself in the kitchen of the “hotel” I was staying. Yes, I talked to the manager and got a discount in a private room and he allowed me to use the kitchen while the cook wasn’t there to prepare the guest’s meals.


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