Why I Bliive and so should you

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A couple of days ago I came across this very interesting platform called “Bliive” and found it an amazing idea.

My experiences on Bliive.com

My experiences on Bliive.com

There you can basically add experiences you can offer to others and set how many hours you’re available for that experience.
Every hour counts as one “Time money” whatever this task is. So if you ask me for one hour of  Travel Advices, I will receive one “Time money” that I’ll be able to use to ask for any other experiences people are offering out there.

Isn’t it great?

Feel free to ask me for advices there and help spreading the idea (:

You can read more about it here: http://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/rio-business/bliive-winning-brazilian-startup-daily/#

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