Pérouges : one of the most beautiful villages of France

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You might have read our first post where we wrote that what excited us most about travelling is meeting people. However, there are other things that we’re passionate about when it comes about travelling, and one of these things is nature. We love being outdoors and last weekend we had the chance to visit the medieval village of Pérouges, one of the most beautiful villages of France.

Medieval building connect to the church in Perouges' main entrance.

Medieval building connect to the church in Perouges’ main entrance.

Pérouges is located only 30 km northeast of Lyon, where we’re currently living, so we decided to have a look.

Old bulding in Pérouges

The village is small and very charming, and if you are around Lyon, you should definitely consider spending some time there.

Church in Pérouges

Yes, this place is awesome with all these beautiful old buildings, but our objective was to explore a hiking trail around it. There are 4 trails, starting on a 2.3 km long, taking approximately 40 minutes, and the longest one with 9.3 km, taking about 2h30m to finish it.

The trails around Pérouges

We decided to take the longest one, as we arrived early in the morning and had a lot of time to spend there. Needless to say that the trail is amazing and we loved it.
It was pretty easy and I guess even people who aren’t used to hike can do it. It’s more like a long walk rather than hiking. We loved the landscapes and get closer to nature.


In the end of the trail we went back to the main square to grab some food and try the local beer, which was great.

Local beer made out of corn

Some saucisson and ham.

So whether you take the shortest or the longest one, you should definitely spend some time exploring this trails when in Pérouges.

Corn is Pérouges' main production

You can find more pictures of Pérouges and other regions of France in our Facebook and Pinterest albums.


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30 thoughts on “Pérouges : one of the most beautiful villages of France

  1. The beer and assiette filled with cheese and cured meats was enough to sell me. It doesn’t get much better than these charming French villages and I’d love to visit Perouges the next time I’m anywhere near.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love when you’re given different options for trails – we always go with the longest one too 🙂 And a cold beer upon return? Seems like the perfect day!

  3. I think it’s easy to forget that France is not just Paris, and that you cannot judge a country by its capital city – these villages are really interesting microcosms of French culture and society, and I think we’d all love to visit one day.

    • I couldn’t agree more, man. I’m always listening to people complaining about French people but they have only visited Paris.
      These villages are amazing and all I want to do is explore more (:

  4. Just a few days ago I was discussing with a friend about how we’ve both been to many French cities but few villages. Pérouges looks fantastic, a place I’d like to work into a longer bike trip.

    • Having travelled a bit around Europe, I think France is very expensive. But, you can always find alternatives and spend less money.
      France is amazing and the more I see the more I fall in love 😀

  5. To me, your day here seems to be so perfect – sightseeing combined with nice food and great views. I’ve never been there, but trust me – I’m adding it to my bucket list!

  6. Hi! Do you know of any affordable accommodation or couch surfing options in Perouges? Really want to go there but all the hotels are quite expensive…

    • Hey Petra, I’ve never stayed for the night there and it’s true, as far as I can recall, there were only “fancy” hotels.
      Couchsurfing in Perouges might be a bit tough, as it’s a very small village, but you might try Meximieux, it’s a bit bigger and will probably have more surfers.
      In any case, Lyon isn’t that far from Perouges, so it might be worth checking places or looking for couchsurfers in Lyon and go to Perouges for a day.

      Let me know when you go there and which alternatives you found, could be good to add this information on the post (:

      Safe travels,

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