A short note about our first anniversary!

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Yes, it’s been one year since I started writing here and if you follow us since our very first post, you might have noticed that the subjects of our posts have changed a bit.


Well, when I started, after returning from one year living abroad, most of my trips had people involved, I couchsurfed, I hitchhiked, I visited friends I made during my time in Ireland, and I’m sure that none of my trips would have been so great if it wasn’t by all those people I’ve met while travelling. All of this made me realize that the aspect I enjoy most about travelling is by far meeting people. There’s so much you can learn from all those people out there, who have different backgrounds, opinions and ideas from yours. I know how much I have changed since I started all those trips and how much I still want to change whilst exploring this world.


But yeah, things change. From solo travel I’ve slowly moved to couple travel. I have found an amazing partner who shares the same passion for travelling that I have. And together we’ve been able to visit amazing places in this beautiful world. We are passionate by great outdoors and after exploring Brazil together for only a couple of weeks, we’ve been exploring France now, as we’re based in Lyon.
Unfortunately, Jessica and I haven’t had the chance to couchsurf and hitchhike together, but we’ll change it soon.

LR-CL-2013-11-02 16.27.38-48-1

There’s still plenty I have to write about my solo trips, loads to write about our couple trips and every now and then Jessica also shares her experiences here. So keep on following us and you’ll find more of those amazing meeting with incredible people out there, along beautiful places we’ve been exploring outdoors.



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