The Abode of Chaos, an unique museum in Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or

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If you ever find yourself in Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or without having heard of it before, you may at first think it’s just one of those small and beautiful French villages. Its narrow streets, cosy restaurants and fancy old houses made of stones with golden colours will give you this impression.
Eventually you will face the Abode of Chaos (Demeure du Chaos), a museum of contemporary art that includes more than 3500 artworks, and will realize that this little village in the mountains near Lyon is much more than just another regular French village.

Welcome to the Abode of Chaos!

The museum was created by Thierry Ehrmann in his own house back in 1999, according to the museum’s website.


The Abode of Chaos celebrates 14 years of fight and resistance.

He invited artists to work with him in-loco, so they could share ideas and create art connecting different countries and cultures. Since its creation, the inhabitants of the village together with the town council have been trying to shut Ehrmann’s museum down. His battle with the town council has gone to the European Court of Human Rights, where the case is being analysed.

Are you free?

While I can understand the ones against it, you gotta admit this museum is somehow unique and would be a shame to have it shut down, turning it back to just a regular and boring old house. Its art carried with political messages makes us stop and reflect about the problems of our societies and governments nowadays.

In case you want to understand a bit more about the case, I’d recommend checking this Wall Street Journal’s post. If you’d like to help Ehrmann in his fight against the town council, you can show your support signing up his petition here. I’ve already signed it up.

What’d you think about Ehrmann’s museum? Have you ever found an unique museum around the world?

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