Have you made your New Year’s list yet?

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By this time of the year, you might have already looked back to 2014, balanced pros and cons and decided whether it was a good year. Probably you’ve made one of those lists with things you’d like to do next year and other with the things you’re gonna try to stop doing. But have you done the same during different occasions throughout the year? Before I go on, I’d like to tell a story about my mom.

When my siblings and I did things wrong during our childhood, my mom would sometimes send us to our bedroom to make us think about the things we did. No matter the time of the day, she would “lock us” in our bedroom, close the windows, turn off the lights, tuck us in and let us there to think.
As you can probably imagine that didn’t work out well for many times. If my siblings and I were together in the bedroom we would do everything we could as quiet as possible so she would still think we were in our beds thinking. Maybe she knew it and just did that so she could have some peace and quite for a little while. But I’d rather think that she really wanted us to think about those things and eventually I would do it so.

It turns out that I’ve been consciously doing so for the past few years. I think about every situation in my life and I try to learn from my experiences. I try to see ways I could do things differently if I ever face a problem again. By looking back to my experiences, I could not only avoid doing same mistakes, but also set my mind to pursue the good things I want in my life. I got to know better about myself and it allowed me to pay attention to small details and enjoy better my present.

With dear friends in São Paulo, Brazil

With dear friends in São Paulo, Brazil

I probably didn’t travel as much as I did in 2013, but it doesn’t matter ’cause I enjoyed each one of my trips much more than last year. Whether alone or surrounded by amazing people, whether long time friends or new ones, whether long moments or short ones, whether cold or hot weather, I enjoyed and I learnt from every moment of 2014.

Even though I have some goals, I’m not planning on doing any lists for this year that’s about to come. All I want is to keep on learning, to keep on being curious, and to keep on being the person I want to be.

Remember what I asked you in the begging of this post?

If I could give you a little piece of advice I’d tell you that in 2015 you should pay more attention to your feelings, try to get to know you better and thus you’ll be able to do anything you set your mind to. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but the more you know yourself, the easier it’ll be to fight whatever struggles you might face.

I’d like to finish this post by thanking every one of you who were part of my 2014. For those who’ve been around me, know that I enjoyed and I’m thankful for the moments we shared together. For those I didn’t meet or didn’t talk to, let’s make 2015 different. For those of you who take the time to read my posts, thanks for being part of this. And a special thanks to my mom for teaching me such an important lesson.

Happy new year to y’all!

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